2.scientia science
3.chemia chemistry
4.ecclesia a church
5.bellum a war
6.major a mayor
7.prytaneum a town hall
8.denuntiator a policeman
9.physicus a scientist
10.electricus electric
11.sclopetum a rifle
12.conjectus a rifle shot
13.triumphus a parade
14.vacuum vacuum
15.vexillum a flag
16.planes a planet
17.bellare contra… to wage war against ...
18.meschita a mosque
19.templum a temple
20.verum reality
21.rucheta a rocket
22.caelum space
23.orare to pray
24.telum a weapon
25.pax peace
26.exemplum a sample
27.miles a soldier
28.legio an army
29.vis strength
30.classis navy
31.custodire to protect
32.verberare to beat
33.pugnare to fight
34.helicopterum a helicopter
35.gladius a sword
36.paganus a civilian
37.militaris military
38.feria a holiday
39.sagitta an arrow
40.equester a knight
41.tegumen an armour
42.aevum medievalis Middle Ages
43.regina a queen
44.rex a king
45.capere to capture
46.religiosus religious
47.indagator an explorer
48.imperator an emperor
49.inventor an inventor
50.dux a leader
51.physicus a physicist
52.bellum a battle
53.telum a spear
54.potencia power
55.caemeterium cemetery


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