1.laborare to work
2.analogium a desk
3.computatrum a calculator
4.liber a book
5.ordinatrum a computer
6.officina an office
7.salariarius an employee
8.commentarium a note
9.negotium business
10.ratiocinium accounting
11.procuratio management
12.constitutum an appointment
13.diarium a newspaper
14.littera a letter
15.periodicum a magazine
16.character a stamp
17.commentarium a commentary
18.dominus an owner
19.pietas responsibility
20.reficere to repair
21.fabrica a factory
22.offerre to offer
23.uti to use
24.fibiculaa a paper clip
25.transcribere to copy
26.typographus a printer
27.theca an envelope
28.consecutio order
29.deordinatio a disorder
30.imago an idea
31.cunctus complete
32.praebeo to supply
33.experimentum an experience
34.nuntius a report
35.efficens efficient
36.retrexere to cancel
37.modus a method


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