1.carmen a song
2.cantare to sing
3.saltare to dance
4.littera literature
5.accordeon an accordion
6.tibia a flute
7.cithara a guitar
8.clavile a piano
9.saxophonum a saxophone
10.musica music
11.hortus a park
12.pupa a doll
13.capella a choir
14.crepundium a toy
15.cornu a trumpet
16.violina a violin
17.fabula a play
18.carmen a poem
19.theatrum a theater
20.strepitus noise
21.riscus a suitcase
22.cantor a singer
23.statua a statue
24.theatralis theatrical
25.coloro to tan
26.tintinabulum a bell
27.strepitum egere to make noise
28.mussitare to whisper
29.murmur a whisper
30.vociferatio a cry
31.persono to ring
32.sonus a sound
33.vox a voice
34.poesis poetry
35.peniculus a paintbrush
36.pictura  a painting
37.adquiesco to relax
38.pictor a painter
39.poeta a poet
40.scriptor an author
41.effigies a portrait
42.realisticus realistic
43.circus a circus
44.cinemateum movies
45.jocor to joke
46.pars a role
47.piscandus fishing
48.comoedia a comedy
49.citeria a clown


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