1.mater mother
2.pater father
3.vitricus a stepfather
4.socer a father-in-law
5.noverca a stepmother
6.socer a mother-in-law
7.patruelis a cousin
8.liber a child
9.familia a family
10.omnia familia the whole family
11.uxor a wife
12.filia a daughter
13.filius a son
14.frater a brother
15.filius vitrici or novercae a stepbrother
16.avia a grandmother
17.proavia a great grandmother
18.avus a grandfather
19.avi grandparents
20.vir a husband
21.filius fratris a nephew
22.sororis fratris a niece
23.avunculus an uncle
24.parentes parents
25.propinqui relatives
26.neptis a granddaughter
27.nepos a grandson
28.nepi, nepae grandchildren
29.soror a sister
30.amita an aunt
31.anniversarium nuptiae wedding anniversary
32.conubium a marriage
33.sponsal a wedding
34.nubere to marry (someone)
35.convenio (to meet) to date (someone)
36.conjugium a couple
37.geminus a twin
38.progenitor an ancestor
39.descendens a descendant
40.familiarisa member


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