importante important

2.provável probable

3.melhor better

4.fundamental fundamental

5.justo just, fair

6.impossível impossible

7.comum common

8.normal normal, norm

9.preferível preferable

10.estranho strange, uncommon

11.interessante interesting

12.urgente urgent

13.essencial essential

14.compreensível understandable

15.conveniente convenient

16.improvável unlikely

17.indiferente indifferent

18.curioso curious

19.desejável desirable

20.forçoso necessary

21.inevitável inevitable, unavoidable

22.lógico logical

23.obrigatório obligatory, compulsory

24.raro rare


1.ter to have

2.estar to be (change from norm)

3.fazer to do, make

4.haver to have, there is

5.ir to go

6.dizer to say, tell

7.ver to see

8.ficar to stay, be located, get (ADJ)

9.saber to know (something)

10.querer to want

11.começar to begin, start

12.falar to speak, talk

13.chamar to call

14.pensar to think

15.existir to exist

16.pôr to put, place

17.sair to leave

18.trabalhar to work

19.criar to create, raise

20.acontecer to happen, occur

21.achar to find, think, suppose

22.escrever to write

23.entender to understand

24.ganhar to earn, win, gain

25.pagar to pay

26.acreditar to believe

27.precisar to need

28.ler to read

29.mudar to change

30.olhar to look


31.sentar to sit

32.rir to laugh

33.saltar to leap, jump

34.apertar to press, tighten

35.chorar to cry

36.erguer to raise up, support

37.escutar to listen

38.apagar to erase, turn off

39.admirar to admire, be astonished

40.calar to be quiet, shut up

41.descansar to rest

42.gritar to yell, shout

43.assustar to frighten, scare

44.abraçar to embrace, hug

45.iluminar to illuminate

46.arder to burn, irritate with pain

47.respirar to breath

48.agitar to agitate, shake up, bother

49.rolar to roll

50.perdoar to forgive

51.despedir to bid farewell, let go

52.ocultar to conceal, hide

53.esmagar to crush, squelch, smash

54.ousar to dare 

55.desconfiar to suspect, doubt, distrust

56.acender to light, turn on the lights

57.jurar to swear

58.torcer to twist, root (for a team)

59.perturbar to disturb, trouble, annoy

60.sumir to disappear

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