1.dire to say

2.demander to ask for

3.parler to speak

4.entendre to hear

5.appeler to call

6.repondre to answer  

7.poser to pose, ask

8.offrir to offer

9.expliquer to explain

10.refuser to efuse

11.lire to read

12.representer to represent

13.assurer to assure

14.proposer to propose

15.ajouter to add

16.ecrire to write

17.defendre to forbid

18.souhaiter to wish

19.ecouter to isten to

20.exprimer to express

21.declarer to declare

22.annoncer to announce

23.interdire to forbid

24.noter to note

25.convaincre to convince

26.signifier to mean

27.indiquer to indicate

28.nommer to call

29.inviter to invite

30.repeter to repeat

31.prouver to prove

32.admettre to admit

33.affirmer to affirm

34.prononcer to pronounce

35.exiger to require

36.intervenir to intervene

37.discuter to discuss

38.adresser to address

39.preciser to clarify

40.publier to publish

41.designer to designate

42.signer to sign

43.reveler to reveal

44.souligner to stress

45.promettre to promise

46.remarquer to remark

47.condamner to condemn

48.justifier to justify

49.raconter to tell

50.insister to insist

51.definir to define

52.commander to command

53.manifester to display

54.autoriser to authorize

55.inscrire to register, write down

56.confirmer to confirm

57.citer to quote

58.interroger to question, interrogate

59.impliquer to imply, implicate

60.traduire to translate

61.modernisation nf modernization


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