Mix of preterit/imperfect:
(At least 60% / 40% mix) Explanation: % preterit, verb, dictionary number, definition

1.ser to be (norm)

2.vir to come

3.falar to speak, talk

4.encontrar to find, meet

5.chamar to call

6.pensar to think

7.conhecer to know, be familiar with

8.viver to live

9.continuar to continue

10.sentir to feel

11.achar to find, think, suppose

12.procurar to look for, seek

13.trazer to bring

14.servir to serve

15.olhar to look at

16.representar to represent

17.correr to run

18.acompanhar to keep company, go with

19.compreender to understand 

20.tocar to touch, play (an instrument)

21.valer to be worth

22.discutir to discuss, dispute

23.buscar to search for, seek

24.julgar to judge

25.exigir to require, demand

26.oferecer to offer, give

27.preparar to prepare

28.constituir to constitute

29.comer to eat

30.funcionar to function

31.prestar to render (aid), be useful

32.preferir to prefer

33.repetir to repeat

34.imaginar to imagine



1.querer to want

2.esperar to hope, expect

3.gostar to like

4.temer to fear

5.desejar to desire, wish

6.bastar to be enough

7.importar to care, be interested in

8.preferir to prefer


9.pensar to think

10.acreditar to believe

11.crer to believe in

12.admitir to admit

13.imaginar to imagine

14.achar to find, think

15.negar to deny

16.supor to suppose 

to signify, mean

18.parecer to seem

19. julgar to judge

20.pretender to plan to, intend


21.pedir to request, ask for

22.dizer to say, tell

23.permitir to permit

24.impedir to stop from doing

25.deixar to allow

26.evitar to avoid

27.mandar to command, order

28.exigir to require, demand

29.ordenar to order, command

30.sugerir to suggest

31.propor to propose

32.consentir to consent

33.fazer to make

34.recomendar to recommend

35.conseguir to succeed in, obtain

36.determinar to determine


37.preciso necessary

38.possível possible

39.bom good

40.natural natural

41.necessário necessary


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