1.beaucoup much

2.maintenant now

3.pourquoi why

4.comment how

5.oui yes

6.juste only just

7.vraiment really

8.simplement simply

9.combien how much

10.exactement exactly

11.tellement so much

12.absolument absolutely

13.completement completely

14.certainement certainly

15.clairement clearly

16.justement exactly

17.evidemment obviously

18.malheureusement unfortunately

19.extremement extremely

20.effectivement effectively

21.la-bas over there

22.ben well

23.la-dessus on top

24.personnellement personally

25.enormement enormously

26.brievement briefly


27.loin far

28.presque almost

29.derriere behind

30.guere hardly

31.naturellement naturally

32soudain suddenly

33.aussitot immediately

34.autrefois in the past

35.vivement sharply

36.debout standing

37.lentement slowly

38.volontiers with pleasure

39.proprement cleanly

40.tantot sometimes

41.dedans inside

42.longuement at length

43.quelquefois sometimes

44.doucement gently

45.brusquement abruptly

46.par-dessus over

47.nullement not in the least

48.economiquement economically

49.dela beyond

50.assurement most certainly

51.infiniment infinitely

52.jadis formerly


53.lors at the time of

54.notamment notably

55.environ about

56.desormais henceforth

57.largement widely

58.arriere back

59.voire indeed

60.generalement generally

61.fortement strongly

62.principalement principally

63.normalement normally

64.nettement clearly

65.legerement slightly

66.officiellement officially

67.progressivement progressively

68.eventuellement possibly

69.parallelement in parallel

70.automatiquement automatically

71.respectivement respectively

72.quasiment almost

73.precedemment previously

74.vraisemblablement most probably

75.au-dessous underneath

76.sensiblement more or less

77.simultanement simultaneously

78.initialement initially

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