1.muito very, much

2.assim thus, so, in this way

3.então then, so

4.aqui here

5.lá there, over there

6.aí there

7.sim yes

8.realmente really, truly

9.completamente completely

10.exactamente exactly

11.inclusive including, even

12.naturalmente naturally

13.cá here

14.justamente actually, just

15.absolutamente absolutely

16.antigamente used to, anciently

17.infelizmente sadly, unfortunately

18.porquê for what reason, why

19.evidentemente evidently


20.longe far

21.afinal after all, at last

22.senão or else, except, if not

23.enfim in the end, finally

24.jamais never

25.depressa rapidly, quickly, fast

26.debaixo beneath, below

27.amanhã tomorrow

28.adiante farther ahead, in front

29.redor all around

30.inteiramente entirely, wholly

31.repente sudden

32.outrora fomerly, in times past

33.lentamente slowly

34.felizmente fortunately, happily

35.detrás behind

36.devagar slowly, slow

37.embaixo underneath, below

38.porventura by chance


39.hoje today

40.segundo second (also ‘according to’)

41.ontem yesterday

42.praticamente practically

43.nomeadamente namely

44.recentemente recently

45.claramente clearly

46.aparentemente apparently

47.pessoalmente personally

48.oficialmente officially

49.dificilmente hardly, rarely

50.diariamente daily

51.devidamente duly, deservingly

52.paralelamente concurrently

53.politicamente politically

54.publicamente publicly

55.anualmente annually, yearly

56.curiosamente curiously 


57.geralmente generally, usually

58.juntamente together

59.inicialmente initially

60.frequentemente frequently

61.essencialmente essentially

62.anteriormente previously

63.posteriormente later, afterwards

64.basicamente basically

65.aproximadamente approximately

66.consequentemente consequently

67.aquando at the time of


69.consoante according to

70.largamente extensively, widely

71.previamente previously

72.parcialmente partially

73.progressivamente gradually, progressively

74.correctamente correctly

75.tradicionalmente traditionally



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