Highly preterite:

(At least 95% preterite

(rather than imperfect); number is rank order number from dictionary)

to decide

2.publicar to publish

3.eleger to chose, elect

4.contribuir to contribute

5.conquistar to conquer

6.adoptar to adopt

7.introduzir to introduce

8.optar to opt

9.influenciar to influence

10.divulgar to make known

11.fundar to found

12.convocar to summon

13.demitir to resign, quit

14.falecer to pass away

15.salientar to point out

16.herdar to inherit

17.estrear to inaugurate

18.ingressar to enter

19.derrotar to defeat, overthrow

20.comparecer to attend, show up

21.detectar to detect

22.restaurar to restore

23.liberar to release

24.culminar to culminate

25.baptizar to baptize

26.contactar to contact

27.aperfeiçoar to perfect

28.accionar to set in motion

29.abdicar to abdicate

30.actualizar to update

31.fracassar to fail

32.solucionar to solve

33.suicidar to commit suicide

Highly imperfect:

(At least 80% imperfect (rather than preterit); dictionary number)

to be (change from norm)

35.dever must, to owe

36.parecer to seem

37.precisar to need

38.pretender to plan to, intend

39.morar to live (in or at), dwell

40.depender to depend

41.possuir to possess

42.importar to mind, care

43.costumar to be in the habit of

44.necessitar to need

45.temer to fear

46.visar to have in sight

47.competir to compete

48.aguardar to await

49.desconhecer to ignore, not know

50.convir to be suitable to

51.fumar to smoke

52.arder to burn

53.cheirar to smell

54.assemelhar to be similar to

55.ferver to boil

56.moer to mill, grind

57.flutuar to fluctuate, float

58.vigiar to watch over, oversee

59.englobar to encompass

60.diferir to differ

61.suprir to supply

62.fluir to flow

63.detestar to detest

64.escorrer to trickle, drain, drip

65.carecer to need

66.cozer to cook by boiling 




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