company (ADJ)

2.estatal state (ADJ)

3.urgente urgent


4.composto composed

5.baseado based

6.ocidental western

7.nomeado nominated, named 

8.situado situated

9.solar solar

10.localizado located

11.dominante dominant

12.soviético soviet

13.filosófico philosophical

14.geográfico geographic

15.artificial artificial

16.automático automatic

17.usado used

18.residente resident

19.proveniente proceeding from

20.vegetal vegetable (ADJ)

21.resultante resulting from

22.nativo native

23.posterior following

24.nuclear nuclear

25.desenvolvido developed

26.referente relating to

27.orgânico organic

28.metálico metallic

29.tropical tropical

30.terrestre of the earth

31.relevante relevant

32.biológico biological


1.ir to go

2.passar to go through, pass through (spend time)

3.vir to come

4.chegar to arrive

5.entrar to enter

6.sair to leave

7.voltar to return

8.cair to fall

9.correr to run

10.andar to walk, go, ride

11.fugir to flee, run away

12.subir to ascend, climb

13.avançar to go or move ahead

14.viajar to travel

15.conduzir to conduct, lead

16.afastar to withdraw

17.atravessar to cross, pass

18.baixar to lower, go down

19.regressar to return

20.descer to descend, go down

21.voar to fly

22.mover to move

23.ultrapassar to surpass, pass (while driving)

24.caminhar to walk, go on foot

25.transportar to transport, carry

26.elevar to elevate

27.retornar to return to

28.arrastar to drag

29.perseguir to pursue

30.saltar to leap, jump

31.acelerar to accelerate

32.rodear to surround

33.rodar to turn around, roll

34.movimentar to move

35.passear to stroll, walk slowly, go for a walk

36.rolar to roll

37.emergir to emerge

38.navegar to navigate

39.pular to jump, skip

40.nadar to swim

41.marchar to march



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