ubicar to put in place
unificar to unite
uniformar to standardise
unir to unit / join
usar to use
utilizar to use

vacar to become vacant
vaciar to empty / clear
vacilar to hesitate
vacunar to vaccinate
vadear to ford, cross, wade across
vagar to wander, drift, roam
valer to be worth
validar to validate
valladar to fence
valorar to value, assess, evaluate
valorizar to increase in value
valpulear to give a beating
valsar to waltz
valsear to waltz
vanagloriar to brag, boast
vaporizar to vaporize
varar to run aground
variar to vary
vedar to ban
vencer to conquer, overcome
vendar to bandage
vender to sell
venir to come
ver to see
verter to spill
vestir to dress
viajar to travel
vigilar to keep an eye on something or somebody
visitar to visit
vislumbrar to make out, discern
vivir to live
volar to fly
volcar to spill, knock over
volver to return
vomitar to vomit
votar to vote

xerocopiar to photocopy

yacer to lie
yuxtaponer to juxtapose

zafar to escape
zampar to gobble down
zarpar to set sail
zumbar to buzz



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