razonar to reason
reaccionar to react
realizar to carry out
rebajar to reduce
recaer to relapse
recetar to prescribe
rechazar to reject
recibir to receive
reciclar to recycle, reuse
reciprocar to reciprocate
recitar to recite
reclamar to demand / claim
recoger to pick up
recomendar to recommend
recomenzar to begin again
reconocer to recognise
reconstruir to rebuild/reconstruct
recordar to remember
recorrer to travel
recubrir to cover

recuperar to recover
recusar to challenge, reject
reducir to reduce
reelegir to reelect
reflexionar to reflect
reformar to reform
reforzar to reinforce
refrescar to refresh/chill
regalar to give a present
regañar to scold, quarrel
regar to water, irrigate
regatear to haggle
regenerar to regenerate
regengtar to run a business
registrar to register
regresar to go / come back
rehacer to doagain/rebuild
rehuir to avoid
reir to laugh
relacionar to relate

relajar to relax
rellenar to fill
remover to stir
rendir to surrender
reñir to tell sb off
renovar to renovate
reparar to repair
repartir to distribute
repasar to revise
repercutir to have an impact on
repetir to repeat
repintar to repaint
reponer to replace
representar to represent
reproducir to reproduce
resbalar to slip
rescatar to rescue
reseñar to review, write summary of
reservar to book
resfriar to catch a cold

resguardar to safeguard
resistir to withstand
resolver to resolve
resoplar to puff, snort
respetar to respect
respirar to breathe
responder to answer
restablecer to reestablish
restringir to restrict
resultar to turn out to be
resumir to summarize
retirar to retire / withdraw
retorcer to twist
retrasar to delay
retribuir to pay back
retroceder to go back
reunir to reunite
revelar to reveal
reventar to burst
revisar to check

revivir to revive / relive
revolucionar to revolutionize
revolver to stir
rezar to pray
robar to rob
rodear to surround
rogar to beg
romper to break
roncar to snore
rotular to label
rozar to rub/brush/graze
rutilar to shine, twinkle, gleam

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