bailar to dance
bajar to go down, get off (bus)
balancear to balance
bañar to have a bath/go for a swim
barrer to sweep
bastar to be enough
bautizar to baptise
beber to drink
becar to give a grant to
bendecir to bless
beneficiar to benefit
besar to kiss
bienquerer to like,be fond of
bisbisear to whisper
blanquecer to whiten
blocar to block
bloquear to block
borrar to rub, delete
bostezar to yawn
botar to bounce

boxear to box
brillar to shine
brindar to drink a toast to
bromear to joke
broncear to get a suntan
bucear to dive
bullir to boil
burlar to make fun of
buscar to look for


cabalgar to ride
caber to fit
caer to fall
cagar to shit
calar to stall a car / soak through
calcular to calculate
calentar to heat up/warm up
calificar to mark /grade
callar to stop talking / go quiet
calmar to calm
cambiar to change
caminar to walk
cancelar to cancel
cansar to tire
cantar to sing
capturar to capture
caracterizar to characterize
carecer to lack
cargar to load
casar to marry / get married

cascar to crack
castigar to punish
castrar to castrate
cavar to dig
cazar to hunt
cegar to blind, dazzle
celebrar to celebrate
cenar to have an evening meal
censar to take a census of
centrifugar to spin, spin-dry, centrifuge
cepillar to brush
cerrar to close
certificar to confirm
changar to break down
chantajear to blackmail
charlar to chat
chillar to shout
chocar to crash
chupar to suck
circular to run

circunscribir to circumscribe
citar to arrange to meet
civilizar to civilize
clarificar to clarify
clasificar to clasify
clavar to hammer, nail
cobrar to charge
cocer to boil
cocinar to cook
coger to pick up / take / catch
coincidir to coincide
cojear to limp
colaborar to collaborate
colar to strain / sneak in
colegir to deduce
colgar to hang
colocar to place
colorear to colour, dye, stain
coludir to collude
combatir to fight, combat

combinar to combine
comentar to comment
comenzar to start/begin
comer to eat
comercializar to commercialize
cometer to commit
comparar to compare
compareceer to appear
compartir to share
compeler to compel
competir to compete
completar to complete
complicar to complicate
componer to be made up of
comportar to behave
comprar to buy
comprender to understand
comprobar to check
comunicar to communicate
concebir to conceive

conceder to concede, grant, bestow
concentrar to concentrate
conceptuar to consider/judge
concluir to conclude, finish
concordar to agree/reconcile
conducir to drive
confesar to confess
confiar to confide
confirmar to confirm
confluir to converge/meet
confundir to make a mistake
conjugar to conjugate
conllevar to convey
conocer to know
conquistar to conquer
conseguir to obtain
consentir to allow/permit
conservar to conserve, preserve
considerar to consider
consistir to consist of

consolidar to consolidate
construir to build/manufacture
consultar to consult
consumir to consume
contabilizar to enter in the accounts
contactar to contact
contagiar to transmit
contaminar to contaminate
contar to count/tell
contemplar to contemplate
contener to contain/restrain/hold back
contestar to answer
continuar to continue
contradecir to contradict
contraer to contract/acquire/catch
contrastar to contrast
contratar to contract for
contribuir to contribute
controlar to control
convencer to convince
convenir to be suitable
convertir to convert
convivir to live together
convocar to convoke
cooperar to cooperate
copiar to copy
coquetear to flirt
corregir to correct
correr to run
corresponder to correspond
cortar to cut
coser to sew
costar to cost
cotizar to quote/price
crear to create
crecer to grow
creer to think / believe
criar to breed
criticar to criticize / gossip
cruzar to cross

cualificar to qualify
cubrir to cover
cuestionar to question
cuidar to care for, look after
cultivar to cultivate
culturizar to educate
cumplir to carry out, fulfil
curar to cure
curiosear to glance at


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