Falar (to speak) Dançar (to dance) Fumar(to smoke) Tomar(to take) Dar(to give) Estudar(to study) Ensinar(to teach)Trabalhar(to work) Jogar(to play~a game) Tocar(to play~an instrument) Morar(to live)Gostar(de) ﹝to like﹞Cantar(to sing) 

Limpar(to clean) Lavar(to wash) Passar(to press) Colocar(to put) Precisar(de) ﹝to need﹞Estar (to be) Telefonar(to phone) Voltar(to come back) Comprar(to buy) Pagar(to pay) Contar(to count) Custar(to cost) Ser (to be) Compreender(to understand)

 Beber(to drink) Comer(to eat) Aprender(to learn) Querer(to want) Ler(to read) Escrever(to write) Ver(to see) Ter(to have) Saber(to know) Conhecer(to know) Pretender(to intend) Fazer(to do, to make) Poder(to be able to, to can, to may) 

Dizer(to say, to tell) Ir(to go) Vir(to come) Preferir(to prefer) Ficar(to stay) Nadar(to swim) Fechar(to close) Trazer(to bring) Abrir(to open) Começar(to begin) Andar(to walk) Ajudar(to help) Levar(tempo) ﹝to require﹞(need, take) (time)
Acabar(to finish) Guiar(to drive) Viajar(To travel) Passar(to spend) (time)

Haver(there to be﹝is, are﹞ ) Chover(to rain) Nevar(to show) Acordar (to wake up) Esperar(to wait) Emprestar(to lend) Vender(to sell) Domir(to sleep) Esquecer(to forget) Chegar(to arrive) 

Levantarse (to get up) Sentarse(to sit down) Ajoelharse(to kneel) Deitarse (to lie down) Barbearse(to shave) Lembrarse(to remember) Recordarse(to recall) Preocuparse(to worry) Incomodarse(to trouble oneself, to bother, to worry) importarse(to mind) Tornarse(to become) Casarse(to get married) Queixarse(to complain) Ocuparse de (to busy oneself with)

Visitar(to visit) Passear(to stroll) Deixar(to leave, to let) Apresentar(to present, to introduce) Encontrar(to meet, to find, to encounter) Descansar(to rest) Convidar(to invite) Empurrar(to push) puxar(to pull) Apertar(to squeeze, to press) Queimar(to burn) Roubar(to rob) Furtar(to steal) Mostrar(to show) Segurar(to hold) Matar(to kill) Guardar(to keep) levar(to take) Procurar(to look for) Errar (to err, to make a mistake) Tentar(to try) Mandar(to order, to send) 

Mudar(to move) Alugar(to rent) Trocar(to change) Gastar(to spend) Achar(to find) Entender(to understand) Prometer(to promise) Escolher(to choose) Permanecer(to stay) Agardecer(to thank) Merecer(to deserve) Crescer(to grow up) Vencer(to win) Nascer(to be born) Morrer(to die) Varrer(tp sweep) Crer(to believe) Bater(to beat)

Vestir(to dress) Traduzir(to translate) Sorrir(to smile) Rir(laugh) Sair(to go out, to leave) Construir(to build) Praticar(to practice, to do, to perpetrate) Significar(to signify, to mean) Concordar(to agree) Datilografar(to type﹝write﹞) Corrigir(to correct) Pronunciar(to pronounce) Duvidar(to doubt) Copiar(to copy) Taquigrafar(to write in short hand) Sugerir(to suggest)

Importar(to import) Expoetar(to export) Contribuir(to contribute) Ganhar(to earn, to win) Fabricar(to manufacture) Cobrar(to collect, to charge for) Aplicar(to apply, to empoly) Pesquisar(to research,to search) Publicar(to publish, to make down) Editar(to publish﹝books﹞) Estabelecer(to establish, to settle) Consumir(to consume, to use up) Fornecer(to furnish,to supply) Lançar(to throw, to cast, to launch) Financiar(to finance) Anunciar(to advertise, to announce)

Redigir(to write, to edit) Descontar(to discount, to deduct) Calcular(to calculate, to compute) Remeter(to deliver, to send) Promover(to promote) Cobrir(to cover) Ouvir(to hear, to listen to )Proibir(to forbid, to prohibit) Desenvolver(to develop)

Equilibrar(to balance) Instalar(to establish, to install) propor(to propose, to suggest) Satisfazer(to satisfy)Constar(to consist of, to be recorded) Agradar(to please)Arrecadar(to collect) Produzir(to produce) Investir(to invest) Desapropriar(to expropriate,to dispossess) Relatar(to report, to relate) Aceitar(to accept) Entrevistar(to interview) Divulgar(to divulge) 
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